Fighting for Access to Quality and Affordable Healthcare

There are certain American values that should not be up for debate – in Iowa, in Washington, or anywhere else. Healthcare is a human right, and extending access to quality and affordable care to every American must be a top priority in Congress. It will certainly be one of mine, and I won’t be afraid to fight for universal health care – including a public option.

Sadly, that’s not the case for my opponent. Ashley Hinson has made clear where she stands on this critical issue by voting to let insurance companies offer health care plans in Iowa that discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions.

That’s unacceptable. I’m working to put working Iowa families first, and that means fighting to protect and build upon the progress we made in the Affordable Care Act and working toward universal healthcare coverage and lowering the cost of care. I’ll fight back against all attempts to raise premiums, kick Iowans off their healthcare, or reduce the services covered by their insurance, such as annual preventive care checkups, maternity care, or addiction and mental health treatment.

At the same time, we need to ensure that underserved communities in Iowa have access to the health care services they need. This means fighting for community health centers and critical access hospitals that serve towns and cities throughout our state, and making sure that funding for the vital Children’s Health Insurance Program never lapses again — which I did with an amendment to the Affordable Care Enhancement Act.

Iowans deserve representation in Congress that works for them to improve our healthcare system and expand coverage and services that strengthen families. It’s time for the partisan political games that have too often controlled the healthcare conversation in Washington to end.