Fixing the Supply Chain

Fighting inflation and getting our supply chain back to normal is an urgent priority and must be a chief goal of every single one of our elected leaders. But too few of them have been willing to truly acknowledge the causes of this problem and how to fix it for the long term. Instead, their complacence has been purchased by the influence of the same large multi-national corporations that created this crisis in the first place, and are unwilling to hold these companies accountable to protect Iowa families and businesses.

The supply chain crisis that is increasing costs and delaying products was not an unavoidable event that was impossible to see coming. It’s been building for years, waiting for a tipping point to send this complex system over the edge, as politicians including our own Sen. Chuck Grassley have stood by and done nothing.

It’s time to put a stop to this crisis and finally hold the multi-national corporations that created this problem accountable to fix our broken supply chains immediately, while bringing home domestic manufacturing to prevent this problem from happening again.

I won’t be beholden to any corporations, and won’t be afraid to take action to get Iowans immediate relief from rising prices now, end the restraints on small business growth that supply chain delays create, and protect and create good Iowa jobs while strengthening our towns and communities for the future.

Read my full plan here.