Team Abby is Growing!

We’re building momentum! And thrilled to announce the support of progressive leaders and organizations in Iowa and across the country who are backing Abby’s run for Congress.

When the Republican majority in the state legislature attacked Iowa workers’ rights, pensions and wages earlier this spring, Abby was always on the front lines standing with us.

We need leaders like Abby who are unafraid to stand up for working families against the deep-pocketed right-wing agendas that want to shortchange them.”

– Jim Romar, Teamsters State Political Coordinator

While Congressman Blum has spent his time schmoozing with donors, running away from reporters, and selling out our healthcare, Abby has been fighting tooth and nail to improve the lives of Iowa women and families.

Abby is a fierce and passionate ally for women and won’t back down when it comes to fighting for Iowans. Her commitment to ensuring that women are able to make their own decisions on when, how, and with whom they start a family makes her the champion Iowa families deserve fighting for them and NARAL is proud to back her campaign.”

– Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America

From growing up in a union household to becoming one of the fiercest defenders of workers’ rights on the State House floor, time and time again during legislative session Abby has had the backs of working families all across Iowa. Now more than ever we need a fighter with Abby’s background, backbone, and experience taking on anti-worker GOP policies in Washington.

AFSCME Council 61 members know that Abby is the best choice for Iowa’s First District and we intend to do all we can to send her to Washington.”

– Danny Homan, President of AFSCME Council 61

The people of Iowa deserve a leader like Abby Finkenauer and EMILY’s List is proud to support her. At home in Dubuque, Abby’s roots run deep. Growing up in rural Iowa, she comes from a union household — her dad was a pipefitter welder and her mom works for the Dubuque Community Schools. The values instilled by her family of hard work and service meant Abby was going to do all she could to finish college even with student loan debt. Abby then was elected to the Iowa Legislature, where she’s been not just a vote, but a voice for working families.

Abby’s record stands in stark contrast with a Trump ‘yes man’ like Rep. Rod Blum, who supported the catastrophic bill to take health care away from an estimated 23 million people and has called the investigation into Russian interference with the American election ‘political theatrics.’ The working families of Iowa’s 1st Congressional District need someone who will put their best interests first in Washington. That is why EMILY’s List is so excited to endorse Abby. Her success is critical to taking back the House, and she’ll do what’s right for Iowans — not what’s best for his special interest allies.

– Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY’s List

Abby Finkenauer’s the right choice in Iowa’s First. We’ve seen her dedication to working families in the statehouse, and we’re proud to stand behind her run for Congress. We need a fighter like Abby, who will put working families first and won’t stop until Iowa’s economy is growing and working for everyone.

– Troy Sauter, Business Manager of Local 89

Once in office, we are confident that working families across the First District will have a fierce voice of opposition standing up to the onslaught of anti-worker legislation. The Ironworkers know that with Abby in Washington, Iowans will once again have faith and pride in their elected official.

– Joe Zahorik, Political Coordinator of Local 89

I’ve known Abby since she was a senior in high school. Her passion for public service and justice was already evident then. She has taken that passion with her to the Iowa House of Representatives where she has been a tireless fighter for Iowans. As she pursues a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, Iowa’s workers and families will not find a stronger champion than Abby as their Congresswoman. Abby will have their back.

– Pam Jochum, State Senator (Dubuque)

I have worked closely with Abby for years, first as my legislative aide and now as my colleague. I have seen first hand her deep commitment to public service. I like her work ethic, experience, and the ‘street cred’ she has developed over the years standing up for all Iowans. She’s a fighter for Iowa families and this 1st district couldn’t have a stronger advocate taking their voice to the US House.

– Todd Taylor, State Representative (Cedar Rapids)

Abby has been a strong partner in the state legislature, giving voice to so many Iowans who would otherwise not have one. I’m endorsing Abby for Congress because we need someone who sees what’s really happening in our communities. She is a truth teller who won’t sweep the tough facts under the rug, and who isn’t afraid to fight the hard fights.

– Ras Smith, State Representative (Waterloo)

Below is the full list of early endorsers of Abby Finkenauer:

  • Vice President Joe Biden
  • EMILY’s List
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America
  • Iowa Federation of Labor AFL-CIO
  • AFSCME Council 61
  • IBEW State Conference
  • Iowa Teamsters
  • End Citizens United
  • Operating Engineers Local 234
  • United Steelworkers District 11
  • Great Plains Laborers
  • Feminist Majority
  • Women Under Forty PAC
  • Dubuque Building & Construction Trades
  • Dubuque Professional Firefighters Association Local 25
  • United Association Local 125
  • SMART Local 91
  • Ironworkers Local 89
  • The Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local 81
  • United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States
  • Boilermakers Local 83
  • Congressman Eric Swalwell, CA-15
  • Former Lt. Gov. Sally Pederson
  • Liz Bennett, State Representative, Linn County
  • Tyler Olson, Cedar Rapids City Council, Linn County
  • Kirsten Running-Marquardt, State Representative, Linn County
  • Todd Taylor, State Representative, Linn County
  • Nathan Gruber, Black Hawk County Democratic Party Vice Chair
  • Ras Smith, State Representative, Black Hawk County
  • Pam Jochum, Former President of the Iowa Senate, State Senator, Dubuque County
  • Steve Drahozal, Dubuque County Democratic Chair
  • Sue Dvorsky, former Iowa Democratic Party Chair
  • Janet Petersen, State Senator, Polk County
  • Ako Abdul-Samad, State Representative, Former Chair of Iowa Democratic Party Black Caucus
  • Karen Lischer, Marshall County Activist, Spouse of Iowa House Democrats Leader Mark Smith
  • Jessica Kean, Jackson County Activist
  • Walt Pregler, former Mayor of Dubuque and former Dubuque County Democratic Chair
  • Jim Flogel, President, Dubuque Building and Construction Trades Council
  • Pete Hird, IBEW 704 Executive Committee Member
  • Tom Jochum, Central Iowa Building and Construction Trades Representative
  • Marcia Nichols, Retired AFSCME Political Director
  • Mark Cook, Steelworkers Local 1861 U President
  • John Rosenthal, Teamsters 120 Business Agent
  • Tom Townsend, Dubuque Federation of Labor President

Citizen Endorsers

  • Harvey, Cedar Rapids
  • Jake, Dubuque
  • Keri, Dubuque
  • Ginger, Andrew
  • Lyneta, Elgin
  • John, Dubuque
  • Patsy, Decorah
  • Lynn, Waverly
  • Adam, Cedar Rapids
  • Suellen, Dubuque
  • Tom, Peosta
  • Linda, Peosta
  • Kay, Dubuque
  • Lori, Dubuque
  • Lisa, Dubuque
  • Marcia, Anamosa
  • Jennifer, Anamosa
  • Cary, Dubuque
  • Derith, Center Junction
  • Jess, Cedar Falls
  • Marie, Mount Vernon
  • Erin, Mount Vernon
  • Dixie, Mount Vernon
  • Patty, Mount Vernon
  • Gail, Mount Vernon
  • Dale, Osceola
  • Marie, Dubuque
  • Joan, Dubuque
  • James, Dubuque
  • Gwen, Dubuque
  • Janet, Dubuque
  • Maria, Dubuque
  • Angela, Dubuque
  • Carolyn, Dubuque
  • Anthony, Dubuque
  • Courtney, Dubuque
  • Elaine, Dubuque
  • Janet, Dubuque
  • Pete, Dubuque
  • Maddy, Dubuque
  • Jean, Dubuque
  • Barb, Dubuque
  • Tara, Dubuque
  • Katy, Dubuque
  • Mohibul, Dubuque
  • Sabina, Dubuque
  • Greg, Hudson
  • Steve, Tripoli
  • Mike, Waterloo
  • Jane, Cedar Falls
  • Olivia, Cedar Falls
  • Shelly, Waterloo
  • Alec, Waterloo
  • Sherry, Waterloo
  • John, Waterloo
  • Alax, Waterloo

Join with these Iowa progressive leaders, add your name to say you’re on Team Abby too!