Implementing Term Limits

Senator Chuck Grassley has spent 47 years in Washington. He’s been an elected politician since the Eisenhower Administration – entering office just about three decades before I was even born. In that time, he’s forgotten where he comes from and who he was sent to represent.

I began my career in public service to fight for Iowa communities just like the small town I grew up in. It’s not about the fancy title, and it’s not about living in Washington, cozying up to lobbyists and getting rich off the taxpayers’ dime.

Unlike Senator Grassley, I don’t need nor do I want 47 years to get the job done for Iowa’s hardworking families. That’s why I have pledged to serve no more than two terms in the Senate. I know that I can get the job done in two terms – 12 years – and I’m committed to implementing term limits for our federal elected officials so we can keep Congress focused on ideas that make life better for Iowans rather than politicians seeking to preserve their power

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