Fighting for Working Families

I grew up in a small town outside of Dubuque as the daughter of a union pipefitter-welder and public school employee. It wasn’t always easy, but we were able to get by. Back then, companies still built things in Iowa, ensuring good jobs at good wages and fair benefits. And when Iowa companies succeeded, their communities thrived.

But since then, we’ve all seen our economy shift as large corporations have fled overseas, abandoning the workers and communities that helped build them in search of bigger profits that enrich their corporate shareholders, but leave Iowans behind. As a result, our small towns have hollowed out and working families are finding it harder and harder to get by each year.

Washington politicians like Chuck Grassley have stood by for years and simply let this happen, choosing to side with the large corporations that fund their campaigns over hardworking Iowans. The damage they’ve inflicted on Iowa and our country is clear: wages aren’t growing fast enough, union membership is down, and the middle class is shrinking. We simply don’t have enough high-quality jobs on which you can raise a family.

We need forward-thinking leadership that actually understands what working Iowans are facing and will position our region to preserve the jobs we have now and attract the jobs of the future.

In the U.S. Senate, I will fight to end the business as usual that lets large corporations rake in massive profits without Iowa workers seeing the benefits of their hard work. That means passing pro-union legislation that empowers workers and ensures fair wages and benefits, but also investing in job training and upskilling programs that help Iowans receive the skills they need to fill good jobs. It means supporting workers holistically through affordable child care options and paid family leave, so Iowans don’t have to choose between their job or raising a family. And it means strengthening our infrastructure and investing in our clean energy economy to support a strong climate for job and wage growth and ensure that a strong economy extends to all parts of our state, particularly our small towns and rural areas.

It’s time for all Iowans to have a voice in Washington. I’ll always prioritize expanding economic opportunity and security so that Iowa families can thrive.